Dictionaries Will Be No Help

There are precious moments where you feel the meaning of a word in your body. Your understanding not just of the word itself, but also of that word’s existence in your language-world, is affirmed beyond sway.

Such was my experience with the term “breathless” upon facing Victoria Falls in 2010. The power of beauty stopped my breath and pounded down through my emptied lungs. 

Vic Falls

Vic Falls

Taking the plunge

So I took the plunge



6 thoughts on “Dictionaries Will Be No Help

  1. True that. It was scary, exciting and fun all at the same time! Yes, the place I went bungee jumping was beautiful. Japan is also awesome in general :)

  2. Do you have that jumping picture on facebook? it should be your profile picture, The Overall Brave Girl.

  3. incredible! unlike me, you’re one of the brave ones that could actually manage to bungee! I bottled out of it when I went to New Zealand. I’d like another try now though!

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