Second Marriage

One day, my everyday-after-school, lived-across-the-street playmate and I decided to stage an elopement. After (very) briefly discussing some wedding details, we agreed to meet under the cherry tree in my front yard in ten minutes.

When the big moment arrived, we faced each other under the flowering branches. I proclaimed us husband and wife, kissed this French neighbor of mine on the cheek, and broke apart a Kit Kat to share at our (very intimate) reception.

By the time we turned eight he had already moved to California, never to be seen again. 


6 thoughts on “Second Marriage

  1. It is interesting, what shapes our life and what kind of memories we have. It has always been said that play is a preparation for adult life, so “marrying” Alex, the Great Dane, and Nicholas (Cola), the French nomad, was likely just that. From now on, “going for the jugular (vein)” play of lion cubs will not be only example which comes to mind, at least for me …

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