Left To Figure It Out

I claim that I only started experimenting with cooking and baking in my (falling-apart)ment during my sophomore year of college, but really I was already doing it when I climbed up onto the counters in the kitchen at age 5. I dumped the entire contents of a can of peaches into a bowl of Rice Krispies, and flavored the whole thing with a generous dash of almond extract from the tiny glass tubes my grandma kept in a plastic container.

Obviously the “dish” was disgusting, but I’m glad I was either left unsupervised for the amount of time it took to put together this concoction, or deliberately allowed to figure out what doesn’t work, on my own.


4 thoughts on “Left To Figure It Out

  1. this is probably one of my favourites, because I feel the same way! I’m remembering my own version – one afternoon around the age of 6 I decided to make my own version of the banana bread my mom was always baking, but using my Halloween candy, of course. Cause what could make more sense? I don’t think I’d quite learned the difference between baking soda and baking powder yet, nor the lesson of moderation, which resulted in quite an interesting concoction. Much to my later amazement, I’m pretty sure my mom and I actually ate it…

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