The Flip Side

Living in the research house means you’re home as soon as work is over and can start cooking while the lab assistant finishes up processing the samples. It means she can ask you questions as you hang your laundry up to dry. But it also means having her hear you pee, because there’s a window between my bathroom and our outdoor closet-turned-lab. It means you better get up when your alarm goes off, unless you want your employees to see you in your pajamas and tiger-striped retainer. 


2 thoughts on “The Flip Side

  1. ha! obviously I don’t have this problem, and the only people who see me when I don’t get up on time are CP and my kids… but at least one of them would be thrilled beyond measure if my retainer were tiger-striped!!

    • Choosing that pattern was certainly one of my better Life Decisions thus far. I am excited for the prospect of bonding over animal prints when Frances is older… I wonder if she will appreciate how much zebra pattern there is in my closet, or if she will just wonder why there aren’t more tiger stripes??

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