Makes Me Wanna Wag My Tail

While today may be Thanksgiving, it feels like Christmas to me. After overcoming the obstacle of a grumpy customs agent, I recovered a package sent by my mom. It was full of simple goodies like Reese’s, and impossible luxuries like a non-skid travel yoga mat. In between there were odds and ends in a combination only my Mama can think of and pull off: pocket tissues with inspirational sayings next to a dream catcher, Polish political magazines next to the New England Journal of Medicine, toothbrushes (hey, Mom, what kind of place do you think I’m living in?) next to a tank top my sister got me in Cambodia over the summer.

And one little note, written on The Humane Society stationary as always, in her round capital letters.

Despite being chided in the post office for having a package that clearly exceeded the value of the allowed 100 pesos, I say: Happy Thanksgiving, all!


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