A Chocolate Quest

When you are in a new place for a while and have a kitchen, it is exciting to get to know the local grocery store and its ingredients. It feels right to fit your style and meals into the new context, and resist forcing recipes from home into a set up that can lead to more substitutions than satisfactions.

Sometimes, though, when a good friend from far away sends you a recipe from a cookbook you have been swooning over, knowing you won’t be able to get your hands on it for at least another six months, you throw all that aside and keep the back of your mind on the constant lookout for the things in this glorious recipe that just can’t give. So far on the course of my quest I’ve learned that brewer’s yeast and baker’s yeast are not the same (though levadura means both), that dietetica does not mean dietician, but rather heavenly-store-where-you-can-find-grains-alternative-flours-dried-fruit-and-nuts in big glass jars. To be continued, let us say. 


One thought on “A Chocolate Quest

  1. THAT’S ME!! :D
    yeah, the levadura confusion was a bit unfortunate… at least it you found out before attempting the recipe, though. Always a silver lining!

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