Bureaucratic Breadcrumbs

This afternoon was a lesson in let-it-pass-over-you situations. I was on the prowl for chapas, which both inference and Google translate tell me are sheeting for roofs. The man and woman who I was chauffeuring on this search directed me towards the Ministry of Community main building, where we were told, after waiting to be given an address on a piece of notebook paper, to go somewhere else. Location number two turned out to be not the destination but merely a stop on the trail, so we drove a few blocks down the street, where the chapas were being held but the office was closed, contrary to prior information. Since I had expected this expedition to take the entire afternoon, I remained tranquila, wondering if it was possible to make gnocchi from maiz flour. Also Will Smith’s Gettin Jiggy Wit It came on the radio as we drove home empty-trucked, which helped. 


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