Hooky, Not Playing

The dogs with ribs showing may try to eat shoes and do eat every scrap of comestible on the ground, but they don’t eat kids’ homework. Besides the suspicion I have that there is not much homework assigned at the school in the barrio, this cliché of an excuse is shoved aside by different concerns.

Oh, she didn’t go to school today because she didn’t have any clean clothes. She also doesn’t have a backpack to put her notebook in, but all the other kids do.

She doesn’t want to go to school these days because the kids make fun of her for her short hair. She had to cut it all off because the skin fungus spread to her scalp.

He doesn’t go to school anymore because the teacher said he was disruptive. I fill in the missing information from background details I’ve collected: he doesn’t go to school because the teacher said he was disruptive, so now he escapes into the city center to buy and inhale glue from a plastic bag, and comes home high, at the age of 11. 


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