Fact or Fiction

My co-worker has a side project going, on the use of medicine among indigenous groups in Argentina. She has been poking around health centers and pharmacies throughout the province for some time now. I tagged along during an interview she was doing, because why not. Before talking to a real-deal pharmacist, though, we stopped by the corner where amateur healers sell all kinds of pills and potions. My slightly-taller-than-the-average-American-woman and way-taller-than-the-average-Toba-woman height meant I served as a tent pole for the low-hanging blue plastic tarp protecting the teetering display of creams, medicines, and herb kits. Some things looked familiar: Bayer aspirin, antibiotic ointment, imitation Vick’s Vap-O-Rub. Others blew my mind: Water Of Life, Alcoholism Drops, Certain birth control pills. One in particular made my imagination spin. Blood of the Bull, containing omega-3 and massive amounts of vitamins, claims to be a veritable cure-all, and is apparently quite popular among older men…


One thought on “Fact or Fiction

  1. hi monika, i’m still having trouble getting the blog emails, and we hardly see david..he seems to be working around the clock at the bookstore, but he says he will (!) help me figure it out..(i think sarah’s having a little trouble with it too..). anyway, today i read about the jungle-pharmacy on your website. i’m thinking the Water of Life could be a southern hemisphere version of Willard’s Water (!!). but i know i’m gullible; more realistically, the Alcoholism Drops are a chaser for the Water of Life..??

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