Sunday Buzz

Saturday was a rainy, lazy, indoor day. Sunday came without the promised rain but with a dose of sitting fever. The roommate and I bundled up, put on our walking shoes, and filled the white thermos with boiling water. We planned our walking route to pass the hipermercado, allowing for a quick stop in the aisle almost entirely dedicated to mate. Ten pesos later and we were headed through el centro towards the river. With Paraguay ahead of us and Formosa behind, we sipped and shared the bitter drink that we are not yet entirely accustomed to but believe we will like soon enough. When our thermos ran dry we identified a confusing feeling of combined calmness and incredible alertness. If they say mate doesn’t have that much caffeine, where was this light-headed buzz coming from? Now this is a Sunday afternoon routine I could get used to. 


One thought on “Sunday Buzz

  1. Apparently yerba mate does have caffeine in it, and (according to the Mayo Clinic site) “can relieve fatigue, promote weight loss, ease depression and headaches, and help treat various other conditions”…

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